The healthy development of society requires men and women of great virtue and solid professional competence who by their work, words and example, will foster an environment of faith and solidarity where families and individuals can flourish.

Since 1983 

Since 1983, two Houston formation centers have been building these kinds of leaders. In those years, Chaucer Drive Study Center has offered many successful programs of personal, professional and spiritual formation for high school, college and professional men. Similarly, Sheridan Study Center has been expanding its mission of strengthening the family by inspiring women of all ages to pursue personal and professional excellence in all they do.

The Study Centers’ programs foster a sense of mission and service to the common good, encouraging students to aim beyond their individual interests. Programs and activities are open to men and women of all ethnic and religious backgrounds who share the vision and ideals of the Centers. In addition to the current programs listed here, both Sheridan and Chaucer provide weekend retreats, monthly days of recollection, doctrine classes, study groups, spiritual direction, and teachers for religious education classes in inner-city parishes. 

These world crises are crises of saints. God wants a handful of men and women ‘of his own’ in every human activity.
— Saint Josemaría Escrivá