Sheridan Study Center and its programs have touched the lives of thousands of women and their families over the years, and the demand for expanded programs requires improved facilities to help Sheridan meet the growing needs of women in the Houston area.

For Youth

Camp Bluebonnet challenges 5th-7th grade girls to live ideals of solidarity, leadership and service so as to be a positive influence on family, friends and society.

Creative Cuisine serves as an introduction to culinary art for 7th and 8th grade girls. It challenges them to develop basic culinary skills and build character.

Leadership Training Sessions allow high school students to grow in intellectual integrity and moral courage that will become the basis of the service they give to their family, community and the world.

Avanti offers high school freshmen and sophomores an opportunity to grow in their understanding of leadership as service. Topics include public speaking, effective decision making, freedom, study habits, time management and peer pressure.

The Art of Living is a program that provides high school students with comprehensive training in areas that are vital to the care of the home and the needs of the human person: culinary art, fashion, home health, event-planning and interior design.

Service Projects put students in direct contact with the needs of others and of the community in which they live.

Summer Training Programs enable high school and college students to acquire professional skills and gain experience in home management and the hospitality industry.

UNIV - Incontro Romano is a one-week international forum for university students in Rome, Italy.  Students from different countries gather to deepen their understanding of cultural trends around the world.  


For Professionals

Home Management Classes are aimed at helping women meet the challenge of managing their home in a professional manner and of attaining a healthy work-life balance.

Workshops on current issues, such as family, education and marriage, inspiring  women to improve their professional work and home life.

Murray Hill Institute-Texas is dedicated to helping women integrate ethical standards into their personal and professional lives, enabling them to thrive and make a positive contribution to the workplace.