The past thirty years have been a period of continuous growth and high demand for Chaucer Study Center programs in the Houston area. 

The formational programs the Center offers currently reach hundreds of grade school and high school students in the Houston area.  University students from as far away as Texas A&M, participate in activities for college men.

Current Programs

8th Grade Boys’ High School Placement Test Preparation Course:  The 8th Grade Boys' HSPT Course prepares young men for the High School Placement Test.  Most Catholic high schools and some private schools use the HSPT as an entrance exam.

High School and Beyond: A high school preparation program helping young men in their studies, with an eye to life beyond high school.  They are encouraged to develop now the skills and attitudes they will need for the great tasks awaiting them:  forming a family and serving society through their work and friendships.

The Grade: A pre-professional, “big picture” program for high school students.  Through a combination of classes, career presentations, and one on one mentoring, it teaches them to be men of character who are ready for responsibility.

Leadership for America: Intellectual seminars for high school men focused on essential elements of the Judeo-Christian civilization.  The content and discussions are directed toward empowering students to be positive catalysts for transforming our society.

Summer Service programs: International (Mexico, Peru) opportunities focus on the improvement of the living conditions of the poor.   Domestic (inner city Chicago, New York) achievement programs provide classes and mentoring to give at-risk teens the tools they need to excel in school and work.  

Community Outreach:  Work projects for Houston’s poor and marginalized provide young men the opportunity to grow in solidarity with the disadvantaged.

• UNIV: University Congress in Rome during Holy Week for high school seniors and college students.  The conference brings together tomorrow’s leaders from all over the world to discuss themes of social and economic development.

Fatherhood Seminars: Assisting fathers in the character formation of their children.


Spiritual Activities

• Evenings of Recollection for men

• Days of Recollection for high school and college men

• Doctrine classes based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church

• Weekend Retreats

• One-on-one spiritual direction available by appointment

• Classes on Christian living and study circles

• Providing student teachers for religious education classes in inner city Houston parishes